NO-RehabWorks Physical Therapy has Direct Access.  Under the evaluation of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy a patient may attend for up to 30 days prior to seeing a physician.  Likewise, the Physical Therapy Evaluation can be sent to your physician requesting a continuation of care.

Your first visit will be approximately 45-60 minutes based upon the severity of your diagnosis. Generally patients’ receive an introduction to comforting treatments after the evaluation.  The following treatment visits range from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours and include manual techniques such as massage, stretching, re-eduction of unhealthy movement and posture patterns, and the latest technology to calm symptoms and speed up healing time.

Treatment sessions generally include hydrotable warming to the involve body part (Patients’ favourite), manual techniques such as massage, stretching, re-eduction of unhealthy patterns, strengthening that’s customised for the patients lifestyle and correct imbalances, and the latest electro-technology to calm symptoms and speed up healing time.

To guarantee the best results for an individual a therapist must investigate the patients lifestyle, routines/daily activities, and what they may be doing to work against their plan.

How well the patient adapts to the plan is crucial and a therapist with Emotional Intelligence can deliver or refrain from specific actions that may be psychologically and physically limiting in order to assure the best outcome for a patient.

Absolutely not! Treatment styles and methodologies are delivered differently based on the clinic managers.  Old school philosophies are still common.  Most of us have heard or experienced clinics that perform the same treatment every visit for months, perform 10 repetitions of exercise for every person- which is limiting and cookie cutter, do not cross train in their exercise regiments, do not have the equipment to achieve maximum performance, do not teach posture alignment-proper body techniques with strengthening, and cram patients into short-basic sessions.

At Rehabworks Physical Therapy Centers we pride ourselves in the results we deliver.  Schedule an appointment and experience the difference! 

For new or acute cases, ice is the best choice to use for the first 72 hours.  If you have been suffering from pain for longer, moist heat can be used in the morning when stiffness is present.  Heat shouldn’t be used after mid-day unless administered by a therapist as this could exacerbate internal swelling caused by the days activities. Ice is best to use when pain is present and especially towards the end of the day.  When you are uncertain what to use, ice is the safest bet.

Dry needling is a treatment performed by skilled, trained physical therapists, certified in the procedure. A thin monofilament needle penetrates the skin and treats underlying muscular trigger points for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments


A deductible is the amount the patient is responsible to pay for therapy service before health insurance begins to pay. There generally is a new deductible at the beginning of every year. If a deductible has not been met Rehabworks Physical Therapy will ask for a contribution towards the deductible at each visit. 

An Out of Pocket (OOP) amount is after a deductible is met, the insurer starts to pay their percentage, which leaves the remaining percentage responsibility on the patient.  An example is 80/20, 20% of which is the patients amount to pay.  The OOP would then be capped according to the terms of your plan, and this would be the maximum OOP the patient would have to pay per year.

Coinsurance is the insurance company splitting each visit cost with the patient. This percentage is unique to each plan and is generally 10-50%, and the responsibility of the patient.  Rehabworks Physical Therapy will ask for a contribution towards the coinsurance at each visit, so back payments do not become an issue at the end of your time in treatment.. 

A copayment is a set amount the patient pays for medical services.  This amount can be different for each type of medical service. This generally applies after a patient’s deductible has been met.  The copayment amount is based on the price of the plan the patient chooses.

ONLY OFFERED AT REHABWORKS PHYSICAL THERAPY- We honor in network costs for most out of network plans if it’s beneficial for you. RehabWorks will do a detailed review of benefits and provide a written cost comparison that generally matches your in network cost.  Please call for more information (239) 734–3404 


Physical Therapy Self Pay

Self pay for an Initial Evaluation $195

Self pay for regular visits  $125

Dry Needling only $130

Dry Needling with PT covered session $95
* Prices may very for extensive sessions

In addition, we accept most major medical plans. If you don’t see your insurance listed under our accepted plans, please call us and we’ll make arrangements to add your insurance carrier

Yes, most likely. Most plans have a form of coverage. RehabWorks Physical Therapy chooses to help with verifying your coverage.  Call us and provide your: 
1) Insurer
2) ID number
3) Date of birth

We will call for your plan details.

*Please Note: Because there are so many similar insurance brands, products, and options available providing a wide variety of factors that can affect your coverage, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier prior to your visit.  A consultation with your carrier about the amount and extent of your coverage will help prevent any confusion, misunderstandings, or frustration about your financial responsibility for certain services.

If you have further questions please ask them below or call 239-734-3404