Back Pain Relief

We get amazing results with Dry Needling.

Experiencing numbness from a surgical procedure?  It could be entrapment of a nerve from scar tissue.


Dry needling is a procedure performed by your Doctor of Physical Therapy that can help significantly with pain, tightness, nerve entrapment, and circulation. Dry needling is also called trigger point dry needling or myofascial trigger point dry needling.

Muscles sometimes develop knotted areas called trigger points that cause pain and inflammation. These trigger points are highly sensitive and can be painful when touched. They are also often the cause of referred pain (or pain that affects another part of the body). Pain and dysfunction can also be caused by nerve entrapment.

Solid needles are pushed through the skin into trigger points and nerve distribution areas to stimulate the tissue, break up the trigger point, and improve nerve/blood flow. No medications are used during the procedure – hence: dry needling.

A patient may experience different sensations when being needled. Muscle soreness, aching and a muscle twitch when a needle is inserted is considered to be a good sign. The needles may be placed deeply or superficially, for shorter or longer periods of time, depending on what type of pain is being treated and how long it has lasted.

No. Acupuncture involves placing needles into the meridian points of the body for ‘chi flow’ and is based on eastern medicine philosophy. Acupuncture needles are smaller, and kept in these meridian points for 30 minutes, unmoved. Dry needling practitioners place the needles in more localized and exact areas of pain or nerve entrapment to decrease symptoms. These needles are also moved around in the localized area and needle size varies on the muscle or area to be treated.

Dry needling is always used as a part of an overall plan that will likely include some type of exercise, manual therapy, heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and education.

Orthopedic injuries (arthritis, tendinitis, overuse injuries, disc injury, nerve entrapment, tightness)

  • Scar entrapment (loss of sensation) from surgery
  • Muscle Pain
  • Migraine and tension-type headaches
  • TMJ disorders
  • Concussion / whiplash
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Neuropathy and circulation disorders
  • Sinus problems

    • Pregnant women
    • Active cancer


    Side effects are minor but can include:

    • Soreness during or after the treatment
    • Small bruise
    • Fatigue
    • Fainting

No. Dry needling is a cash based service

  • Dry Needling only $130

  • Dry Needling with PT covered session $95
    * Prices may very for extensive sessions