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At RehabWorks, we focus on the highest standard of care by utilizing the best methodology and latest technological advances in the rehabilitation field. Our therapists are highly trained in manual techniques, and we pride ourselves on advancing treatment plans to give you the best outcome. Why do we teach customized plans? “Because functional re-education must carry into all aspects of your daily life to be effective.” -Cofounder, Mark Pierce.

Our Hospitality Care™ model represents our commitment to exceptional service, ensuring that our patients feel heard and understood at all times. It’s about building communication strategies that resonate with them personally. Our therapists are trained in practical, actionable strategies, such as careful word choice, empathy, and sensitive messaging, to build trust with our patients. See patient reviews

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    Our Locations


    7273 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Ste 18, Naples, FL 34119

    (239) 734–3404

    Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm.
    Fri: 8am-5pm
    Sat: for post-op patients only


           9110 Strada Place, Ste 210,       
    Naples, FL 34108

    (239) 451-6113

    Mon-Friday 8am-5pm

    RehabWorks for Neck, Back, and Joint Recovery

    RehabWorks for Pre & Post Orthopedic Surgeries 

    RehabWorks for Sacral Iliac (SI) Dysfunction

    RehabWorks for Radiating Pain in the Legs & Arms

    RehabWorks for General Deconditioning & Pain Management

    RehabWorks for Balance conditions, Vertigo, and LSVT

    RehabWorks for Posture Corrections & Scoliosis

    RehabWorks for Foot Surgeries & Arch Pain

    RehabWorks for TMJ

    RehabWorks for Hand Therapy & Occupational Health



    We have systems that help to accelerate the recovery process!

    HILLDT Spinal Decompression 

    Neuromusculare Dry Needling

    BEMER Excelerated Healing

    GameReady Ice Compression

    Galileo Balance System

    Walk-in custom made & off-the-shelf Arch Supports

    Walk-in Shaklee Nutritional Supplements


    Early intervention is key!

    We deliver a level of care sought after by the best athletes in Southwest Florida.

    We can help you reach your peak performance safely 

    We provide therapy regimens geared to PROTECT pre-existing conditions. 

    Confidential Professional Athlete Consultations

    90 %

    of our patients experience full recovery without further intervention.




    • Teaching preventative care that carries into all aspects of your daily life
    • Abiding by our Hospitality Care™ model that focuses on understanding the “whole person” through an Emotional Intelligence approach
    • Making rehabilitation more accessible to patients by not requiring a referral at the start of care Read more…

    RehabWorks provides custom, state of the art, and revolutionary Physical Therapy treatments for patients of all ages.  “At RehabWorks we have the right fit for each stage of your life. Regardless of your condition we have a specialist to help you achieve the most effective outcome.” Schedule with us now to experience the difference!

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